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COMETA Evolution Navigator

COMETA Navigator is the final publication of the project. The objective of thi publication is to promote a clear understanding of the project and of the tools it has produced so as to support the introduction of systems for competences' validation.

COMETA Evolution Evaluation Report

The COMETA Evolution final evaluation report describes the experiences and achievements of the project, both for internal and for external audiences, to crystallize the key lessons to be drawn from the experience, to create the background for further development work, and for future partnership, to support or extend dissemination of the innovative approach of the project, method and tools.

It is composed of three main parts: Evaluation Summary (I); Peer Review Procedures (II); Assessment and Feedback (II). A final chapter devoted to the Conclusions and Lesson Learned with, as Annex, the Agenda and Goals of Peer Review Partners Meeting, completes the report.