Care Operators Mobility trough ECVET


Cometa evo is a European project co-financed by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Lifelong Learning Programme.

The project aims to develop and test an agreement based upon ECVET for mutual acknowledgment of credits among partner organisations. The model is an adaptation of the one developed within LLP-LDV "Highlight the competences" but builds also on the results of LLP-LDVs "Care Talents" and "ECC", concerning validation of competences and basic skills.

COMETA focus on geographical mobility (between partner countries and within regions in the same country) but also on professional mobility between different professional profiles of the social sector, i.e. from child care to elderly or disabled care. It will identify a set of soft skills common to a cluster of social profession and development of tools and means for mutual recognition.

The Consortium is multiplayer and involves partners that, coming from different backgrounds, have developed specific skills on training of care workers and VET training policies and practices.

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The document was approved by the ECVET Users' Group, wich brings together representatives of EU Member Stater and associated countries as well as representatives of Europea social partners.


COMETA Evolution Navigator

COMETA Navigator is the final publication of the project. The objective of thi publication is to promote a clear understanding of the project and of the tools it has produced so as to support the introduction of systems for competences' validation.

COMETA Evolution Evaluation Report

The COMETA Evolution final evaluation report describes the experiences and achievements of the project, both for internal and for external audiences, to crystallize the key lessons to be drawn from the experience, to create the background for further development work, and for future partnership, to support or extend dissemination of the innovative approach of the project, method and tools.

It is composed of three main parts: Evaluation Summary (I); Peer Review Procedures (II); Assessment and Feedback (II). A final chapter devoted to the Conclusions and Lesson Learned with, as Annex, the Agenda and Goals of Peer Review Partners Meeting, completes the report.

COMETA Evolution Final Conference - the day after

On the 18thof September COMETA Partners gathered in Brussels for the Project Final Conference.

The Event has been the occasion to present the project results, confront with experts, and discuss the tools developed by COMETA.

The COMETA tools are ready

The COMETA tools are ready

The COMETA project activities are proceeding very fast! The project has in fact developed tools to identify and validate soft skills of workers from the care sector and has carried out a pre-testing.


COMETA e Libretto Formativo

COMETA e Libretto Formativo

Il riconoscimento delle competenze comunque acquisite dalla persona lungo l’arco della vita, porta con sé una serie di vantaggi e opportunità per un ampio ventaglio di soggetti.

Il libretto formativo del cittadino è un documento personale predisposto in formato elettronico e cartaceo sul quale vengono registrate le competenze acquisite dal cittadino lavoratore.